Interested in new, exciting ways to embellish your cards, scrapbook pages, art works and more?

Mizuhiki cords from Japan are a delightful and fun way to add finishing touches to cards, invitations, scrapbook pages and more. They are made from handmade washi paper which is tightly wound, stiffened then coloured. The result is a very pliable and strong cord which is a great alternative to ribbon for tying gifts. As these colourful cords hold their shape well, they can be bent, twisted, knotted, bowed and woven into amazing designs. You will have so much pleasure discovering the many different ways Mizuhiki can be applied.

Traditionally in Japan, Mizuhiki is used for making ornamental knots tied around gifts tailored for special events. Now these beautiful cords have found their way into arts, crafts and home decor. There are over 40 cords to choose from in lustre, plain, shimmering and fleck tones.


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