Based in Sydney, Australia for 20 years, Japan Crafts has been supplying a range of high quality Japanese papers and accessories best suited to card making, crafts, special occasion stationery, collage, origami and more recently ceramic and pottery applications. The company’s focus is on sourcing new and unique products through some of the finest makers of papers in Japan. With competitive prices and fast service, Japan Crafts is able to supply customers anywhere in the world.

Our papers are all authentic and produced by various paper makers in Japan

Kits and Packs are designed, produced and assembled in Australia from Japanese papers and embellishments as well as locally sourced materials. We take great pride in creating individually unique products rather than mass produced items.

The quality is consistent from shipment to shipment, although some slight variations may occur in colour and texture. The traditional paper varieties such as Yuzen (sometimes called Chiyogami) are made from a base paper consisting primarily of mulberry (kozo) fibres and wood pulp. It is the strength, softness and pliability of the mulberry bark that gives Yuzen its unique qualities and makes it particularly suited to craft work. Although the base paper is machine made, printing is carried out by a hand silk screened process and is the reason why Yuzen is often referred to as “washi” or “handmade paper”.

FREE OFFCUTS: We are happy to donate our paper offcuts to Charities, Schools or for “good cause” reasons. Mail us a Prepaid Post Satchel with your address and “request” details to Japan Crafts, P.O. Box 740, Lane Cove NSW 1595

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