Ceramic Tissue Transfers

In search of new ideas and an easy way to decorate your clay pieces. Check out our range of Japanese ceramic transfer papers with their screen printed designs that will have you coming back for more.

Click on “How to Apply Ceramic Transfer Papers” to learn the technique but it’s as easy as applying a child’s tattoo. Transfers can be applied on leatherhard, greenware and bisque over painted or unpainted surfaces and covered with a clear or transparent glaze. They can then be kiln fired to a broad range of temperatures from Cone 05-10.

Where practical the transfer papers are available in 3 sizes (full, half and quarter sheet). Refer to the individual paper codes for more information on pricing and pattern measurements.

ceramic transfer paper

“I am thrilled with the underglaze transfers and customer service. The transfers are on a heavier tissue which makes working with them so much easier. The colors are bold and heavy. I’ve not had any issue with having to relay the tissue to get the transfer to take. LOVE this product. Colors are spectacular.” Stacey, Oregon USA, July 26, 2023

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