Yuzen Papers

Paper lovers from all over the world have been captivated by the beauty of Japanese Yuzen papers (often called Chiyogami). This delicate handmade (washi) paper is remarkably strong and combined with its softness and pliability, makes it perfect for arts and crafts projects. Origami or paper folding as well as card making, special occasion stationery, egg decorating, jewellery design and collage work are some of the more popular ways people use yuzen papers.

Often vibrant in colour, elaborate patterns are repeated throughout the length of the paper sheet and frequently mirror authentic kimono prints. These papers are a joy to work with and be warned they are totally ADDICTIVE!

WE HAVE ADDED B48, B49, C47 and N37!!

yuzen paper projects
I love the yuzen paper, excellent quality of product, so easy to use for the handcrafts that I made. I definitely recommend your product and your store, easy to buy products, efficient service and quick delivery. Thank you so much!”  Midori Oledo, Adelaide, South Australia, April 27, 2021

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